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Brief for Amicus Curiae Fair Punishment Project in Support of Petitioner, Willbanks and Nathan

Keywords Eighth Amendment (U.S.); de facto life sentences; children; Miller; Graham; rehabilitation; juvenile brain; transient immaturity; disproportionate sentences; penological purpose

Suicidality, Bullying and Other Conduct and Mental Health Correlates of Traumatic Brain Injury in Adolescents

Keywords TBI; adolescent; suicide; bullying; conduct; mental health; brain injury

Addressing Trauma and Psychosocial Development in Juvenile Justice-Involved Youth: A Synthesis of the Developmental Neuroscience, Juvenile Justice and Trauma Literature

Keywords juvenile justice; adolescent development; self-regulation; trauma; ACEs; neural development; brain development

Brief of Amici Curiae Juvenile Law Center, Campaign for Fair Sentencing of Youth, et al. in Support of Respondent Lee Boyd Malvo

Keywords Miller; LWOP; life without parole; attendant characteristics of youth; disproportionate sentences; Miller factors

Brief of Amicus Curiae National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in Support of Petitioner

Keywords trial tax; youth; diminished culpability; decision-making; impaired capacity; peer pressure; Sixth Amendment (U.S.); plea bargains

Brief of Amici Curiae Dr. Beatriz Luna, Dr. Charles Alexander Nelson III, Dr. Silvia Bunge, Dr. Adriana Galvan, and Dr. Linda Patia Spear in Support of Neither Party

Keywords brain; brain development; adolescence; brain chemistry; brain structure; synaptic pruning; rewards system; reward processing; cognition; emotions; brain maturation; functional brain maturation; executive functioning; Graham

Brief in Support of the Resentencing of Petitioner Angel Alejandro on Behalf of Amici Curiae Robert M. Morgenthau, the Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth, Child Welfare League of America, and Council of Juvenile Correctional Administrators et al.

Keywords LWOP; teen; adolescence; diminished culpability; impulsivity; Miller; mitigating qualities of youth; peer influence

Brief for the Center for Children, Law & Policy, University of Houston Law Center as Amicus Curiae

Keywords neurodevelopment; immaturity; vulnerability to outside pressure; peer pressure; neurobiological immaturity; court transfers; adolescent brain; waiver of juvenile jurisdiction; due process; special protections

Brief of the National Association for Public Defense, the Children’s Law Center, Inc., and the Institute for Compassion in Justice as Amici Curiae in Support of Petitioner

Keywords Eighth Amendment; emerging adult; execution; Equal Protection Clause; death sentence; developmental status; disproportionate sentence; Fourteenth Amendment; young adult

Brief of Juvenile Law Center in Support of Appellant

Keywords developmental differences; strip search; body cavity searches; minors; children; trauma; Fourth Amendment (U.S.); age; adolescent vulnerability; immaturity; expectation of privacy; Florence

Brief of Amicus Curiae Juvenile Law Center on Behalf of Appellant Eric Long

Keywords Miller; individualized sentencing; minor; children; decreased culpability; LWOP; life without parole; meaningful opportunity for release; age; mitigating factor; uncommon juvenile

Brief of the Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney

Keywords denial of parole; LWOP; life without parole; first-degree murder; Miller; parole eligibility ; trial judge; sentencing judge; Eighth Amendment

Youth Law Center Brief in Support of Petitioners

Keywords transfers; transfer to adult court; juveniles; public safety; harm; youth; youth of color; racial disparities

Commonwealth v. Olds

Keywords LWOP; second-degree murder; Eighth Amendment (U.S.); cruel and unusual punishment; potential for rehabilitation of youth; Miller v. Alabama; retroactive application of new law

Brief Amicus Curiae of Professors of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, and Constitutional Law in Support of Petitioner

Keywords special care; voluntariness analysis; vulnerable persons; psychological coercion; intellectual impairment; juvenile confessions; suggestibility; confession reliability